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3 simple steps with Feng Shui

Beautiful day,

Have you ever wondered how the environment we live in affects us and if we can do something about it? I have a good news for you.

The ancient Chinese already asked themselves the same question and investigated the laws of nature and the environment in which we live. They learned how to amplify everything we want from life in our dreams and goals and how to manifest it in our living.

Today I would like to introduce you to the first steps of how you can incorporate this beautiful art into your life and thus take full advantage of all that life has to offer.

How does your apartment help you? Or is it the other way around and you help your house survive?
How can you turn it all around?

I have prepared a program Jumpstart your life with Feng Shui – step by step in 21 days! Because if you want to live a better life, you need to change „old dysfunctional habits“ and set yourself and the space differently…


I also have a delicious story about the mouth of the house for you on the webinar.

We take in food with our mouth, which is converted into energy in our body. The curve of the mouth can, by its shape, beauty, arouse interest and admiration, or arouse fear and revulsion from the words that are born in them. The entrance to every house or apartment is through its symbolic mouth, which affects whether we feel full of energy, are successful, find new opportunities for ourselves, or lack strength and flair.

Learning Feng Shui taught me to recognize even before entering a space if its inhabitants are experiencing prosperity. Even before I look around the house, I know if they are drowning in existential worries.

I will share with you the secrets of the correct arrangement of the entrance, which the Chinese Feng Shui masters discovered and perfected for centuries. Adjust the entrance to your home or office so that it becomes the vitamin bomb of our life.

I have prepared a program Jumpstart your life with Feng Shui – step by step in 21 days! Spend 10 minutes a day on yourself and the space and enjoy the change in your life!


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