is a specially created image for the current year, which contains all the principles to support and protect its owner. During its creation, it is charged with energy so that it brings its owner what he wants and protects him from the influences of the environment, which would deprive him of strength or attack him in his way of life.

AstroZoom preview

AstroZoom is an energy emitter and when charged, it attracts the desired effects for your life and, conversely, eliminates the unwanted ones. It breaks down energy barriers that prevent you from succeeding in the given areas that are its task.

AstroZoom 2022 is ready to harness the power of Water Tiger Year and Flying Star 5 to succeed in wealth, relationships and full health. These are the three topics you would like to strengthen in Water Tiger the most. It uses strengths firmly rooted for our future visions, the strength of the Tiger, and will move your inner strength and determination higher. Protecting angels and attracting heavenly happiness for your personal life journey.


AstroZoom 2022 – its use: The image was created so that it could be with you as often as possible and near you. That’s why we recommend it as a wallpaper or screensaver (or both) for your mobile or tablet.

Price: 20 EUR


Zuzana Adam
FESH s.r.o., Orelská 11, Prague, Czech republic
Telephone: +420 728 321 719