Webinar record

What will bring year 2023
from the point of view of Eastern and Western Astrology?

Beautiful day,

The last few days of the Water Tiger and the Earth’s Intermediate Period which has the strongest effect for us, the beginning of 2023… These are all topics for our broadcast today.

There is a time when we set our goals, create visions and plan. We also talk about all this in our Feng Shui Academy, because without goals we get aimless results even with a perfectly arranged space – and therefore mostly dissatisfaction, because inside we wanted something else after all.

How to show everything to the world and how to achieve what we wish for (not only with the help of Feng Shui), this is what we will talk about with my guest astrologer and coach PhDr. Petra Černá. 

Let’s see if western and eastern astrology predict the same year…

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