E-book Magic Year of the Dragon 2024

In the E-book you will find how to do everything step by step in your apartment or office to prepare your space for the energies of time this year. It will guide you through how to make the individual remedies, in which places of your apartment, how to discover the energies of the Year of the Dragon, use them to your advantage and share them happily with your family not only this year.

The E-book is a suitable practical guide even for those who do not yet have much experience with Feng Shui.

128 pages

🌟✨ Enter the Magical Year of the Dragon 2024 with the courage and power of transformation! 🐉📚

I want to introduce you to a key element for your most successful year yet – my new e-book „The Magical Year of the Dragon 2024“. 🚀 Open the gateway to positive energies and bring the power of the Dragon into every corner of your life!

💡 What awaits you inside:

✅ Unique tips for transforming your home or workspace according to Feng Shui principles.

✨ Practical advice for everyone – from beginners to experienced practitioners.

🔮 Predictions for the Year of the Dragon and how to influence the power of the flying stars in 2024.

Why now?

Because every new beginning brings the possibility of change! This book will help you create lasting harmony in your life, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or already have experience with Feng Shui.

Don’t wait for the New Year – start your transformation today! 

🌈 Click on the link and order the e-book „Magical Year of the Dragon 2024“ right now!

How to use best the energy of the year for your life, treat your apartment from adverse influences and support everything that the Year of the Dragon will bring in your apartment as much as possible?

It has been a few days since the European New Year, when many of us set different resolutions, goals and sought new wishes. What about you? Have you embarked on a journey to meet them? Or do you just wave your hand again like many years before and say to yourself next time?

In my Feng Shui Academy, I talk about how space can affect our desires and their fulfillment. Yes, it is a whole third of energy, one third of whether our resolutions come true. Another third are the „heavens,“ as they call it in China. I like to call it chance or happiness. We can’t really influence that, but the Universe is often behind us.

And what about the third one? It is we and our actions that move us forward. We have this in our hands. This is an area that we affect ourselves. How? For example, by taking action, even in our space.

And when will our goals and resolutions be met? When FOR is at least 51%… so don’t give up, support the space and yourself.

On February 10, 2024, we get another chance. We have another New Year… yes, the Chinese one. So get on the wave and take another chance to start this magical year of 2024 again.

And every year February 5 the energies of the flying stars change and thus comes the time to change in our space.

Why is it said, „Both for the New Year and for the whole year“?

In the E-book, I would like to share with you everything you can do to start the energy of the New Year of the Dragon.

Many of my students have tried regular treatment facilities and practice them every year. That’s why I know they work not only for me.

Just today is the right time to fly out into the world and help fulfill the dreams of thousands of other people.

Why should you make any adjustments to the apartment and why at the beginning of the Chinese Year?

If you have dreams, you want more money, find your love, or simply enjoy life to the fullest, then here you get a new way into your life to live your dreams. Through your space in which you live and do business. Yes, don’t forget your offices have a big impact on the success of your business.

Try it, many of you are already actively working with Feng Shui, the time has just come to include the influence of time in your space – the flying stars that affect us every year. Reduce its pitfalls and strengthen the happiness it brings you.

Spend a few days on yourself, your dreams, your family and your wishes, which will come true throughout the year.


In the E-book you will find how to do everything step by step. It will guide you through how to make the individual remedies in which places of your apartment, discover the energies of the Year of the Dragon, use them to your advantage and share them happily with your family not only this year.

What do you find inside?

– Chinese zodiac signs, their characteristics and relationships between the signs
– What the Year of the Dragon will bring us
– What will each sign bring?
– Flying star in 2024 – pitfalls and individual stars and corrective solutions for your apartment

E-book price: 20 Eur

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