If you want to live a better life, you need to change „old dysfunctional habits“ and set yourself and the space differently…

Are you an businessman, mother, partner, wife,… and you know that you need to do something differently, BUT… there is no time, no idea, no strength? Register for the program „21 days – restart with Feng Shui„, where we will show you simple steps to reset the dysfunctional in 21 days….

Spend 10 minutes a day on yourself and the space and enjoy the change in your life!

About Adam Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of harmony in space. Its foundations were laid several thousand years ago in ancient China. For generations, masters and disciples of this art have been receptive to the interaction between space and the human being.

They noticed in what environment a person is calm and relaxed and what, on the contrary, causes unrest, tension. They put into connection the instincts inherent in all living creatures, such as reactions to threats or feelings of security, with the conditions that prevailed in its surroundings.

They summarized everything in a body of knowledge called Feng Shui.

Over the centuries, many schools and directions of Feng Shui learning have emerged, which are connected by the same thought base, growing out of receptivity to the environment and the interaction between man and his living space.

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Relationships are something that matters. Building them is a small daily job. As well as growth, business and finding your talent and mission. A small step a day will move us closer to the dream and faster than a big step that we take only occasionally. We create tomorrow today.

Accept the coffee invitation with our born app. Give five minutes each day to caress and grow your soul. Or discover another program in the app that will suit you best.

Start a challenge with us to change your life today! 

Our philosophy

Comprehensibility, graspability, concrete use, less theory and more practical examples is the main philosophy of the Adam Feng Shui method. It is based on the interpretation of the art of Feng Shui for life and its immediate applicability in everyday practice.

The extensive theoretical basis of the millennial doctrines and the sometimes difficult-to-grasp Asian symbolism are clearly explained so that everyone can understand the elegance and simplicity of the basic principles of Feng Shui and be able to apply them immediately in their lives.

Thanks to this, Adam Feng Shui is accessible to anyone who wants to be in harmony with their living space and draw strength and support from the environment.

Who is Zuzana Adam?

Zuzana Adam is a personal development coach, personal consultant and Feng Shui teacher. Her personal mission is to help people in personal development and look with them for ways to change their tomorrow.

She is the author of the online course of Feng Shui Academy, the author of the books „Free yourself with Feng Shui“, author of Feng Shui cards and many other projects. 

Change your surroundings and change your life“ is the main motto of the academy – start actively changing your life through the interior yourself. Be a Feng Shui Master by yourself.

Zuzana uses her intuition and inner instinct to be a bridge between the tangible things of everyday life and what the eyes do not see. She can look at your life in an unconventional way by looking at your apartment or house. Together with clients, it enriches their future by modifying the interior. And so that they can realize the best possible variant of their destiny – filled with happiness, possibilities, dreams and, above all, awareness of the meaning of life.

At the same time, she can be uncompromisingly energetic and can hit the „nail on the head“ with the admirable accuracy of a personal coach.

E-book Magic Year of the Dragon 2024

128 pages

In the E-book you will find how to do everything step by step in your apartment or office to prepare your space for the energies of time this year. It will guide you through how to make the individual remedies, in which places of your apartment, how to discover the energies of the Year of the Dragon, use them to your advantage and share them happily with your family not only this year.

The E-book is a suitable practical guide even for those who do not yet have much experience with Feng Shui.

How to use best the energy of the year for your life, treat your apartment from adverse influences and support everything that the Year of the Dragon will bring in your apartment as much as possible?


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